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Name: River
Father: Zeoliet
Mother: Apalatin
Age: 13 jr

River is a though gelding that stands 5 foot and 6 inches (Zeoliet x Apalatin). He has three correct gaits and rides wel on a simple snaffle as well as on a double bridle.

River has competed at level 4 dressage with rider Adrienne Hoolmans. He knows his changes and has no issues with riding figures. River is a nice schoolmaster and a real cuddly toy!

For his pedigree and two movies of River, please scroll down.... 

River is sold in the Netherlands dec 2011


























Zeoliet G.Ramiro Z B.Raimond Ramzes X Holst.
Infra H Holst.
Valine Z Holst Cottage Son XX
Holle H Holst.
Sargab keur.pref.prest. Abgar XX Abernant XX
Karadja XX
A.Gonnie Ster Pref. Nimrod
Thera keur. pref. Apalatin Fra Diavolo XX Black Devil XX
Frayeur XX
Ecume S.F. The Last Orange
Martha keur. pref. Porter Polarfurst Holst.
Bredera H Holst.
Erica model Uppercut XX
Vajenne ster
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