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Name: Florestino
Father: Florestan I
Mother: Der Clou (Hann)
Age: 12


Sold to the USA ( by Ton Vischer)

This handsome, accredited stallion, standing at 17 hands and 1 inch, has not only beautiful looks,but also has a perfectly sweet character. Anybody could ride our Floris! He is not shy of making the occasional jump ( wich he is also good at)It's a excellent equitation horse. An easy to ride horse in dressage that knows his exercises.

On this moment Florestino is traint for Equitation horse  by Ton Visscher/ Bill Lowry .He has a lot of potential to be a good Equitation horse. Flores was castrated June 2009.

Video can be seen on youtube.com

under "mov003 florestino"

Florestan I (Rhld) Fidelio (Hann) Furioso II (Ang. N.) Furioso xx
Dame de Ranville (SF)
Haupstutbuch Laura (Hann) Lockruf (Hann)
Wolgahalle (Hann)
St. Pr. St. Haupstutbuch Raute Rheingold (Rhld) Romadour II (Westf)
Piroschka (Rhld)
St. Pr. St. Hauptstutbuch Gode (Rhld) Garamond (Trak)
St. Pr. St. Glocke (Hann)
Hauptstutbuch Dubarry (Westf) Der Clou (Hann) Diadem (Hann) Diskus (Hann)
Amila (Hann)
Hauptstutbuch Susina (Hann) Sesam (Hann)
Sternblume (Hann)
Hauptstutbuch Pira (Westf) PerlKöning (Westf) Pilatus (Westf)
Libelle (Westf)
Haupstutbuch Annette (Westf) Agent (Westf)
Felina (Westf)
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