Training and accomodation

Saskia Meijer trains at "Stal Thooms" in Mariënheem.

De accommodation has: 

  • a large washing area
  • a tredmill
  • a lunge area
  • 20x40m inner hall
  • 30x60m outer court
  • cantine with views on the inner hall
  • ca. 3 acres of greenfield
  • several outdoor paddocks
Training Methods

The classical riding method is the "golden thread" for Saskia. Round, deep riding is part of the integrated training concept she uses.

Your horse is unique
Too often people forget that each horse requires specific and xxx training to reach the right level of fysical condition, power, soupleness and speed. Therefore, Saskia prepares a custom-made training schedule for each horse.

Goal: perfect unity
The correct tact in each gait, from walk till canter. Saskia strongly values suppleness, active movement and obedience. Together with your horse we'll work towards a regional or national level. From B-levels till Prix St. George.